2011 Revisions to Florida’s Planning/Development Regulation Acts

NOTE: See the Summary of 2012 Florida Legislative Changes Related to Land Development Regulations article for information on 2012 legislative changes.

Governor Scott signed House Bill 7207 on June 2, 2011, which is the bill that makes the largest number of changes to Florida’s growth management statutes (and administrative rules). This bill, with several others, makes the broadest and most significant changes to Florida’s growth management/planning/land development statutes seen in over twenty-five years.

Click this link – HB 7207 enrolled– for a PDF copy of House Bill 7207 and here – Chapter 2011-139 Laws of Florida – for the official Laws of Florida version. Be warned – they are long and may take a while to load.

Other bills also make changes to chapters 163 and 380, F.S., the two major planning/development regulation chapters. These other bills are:

The bills also include other provisions that have nothing to do with chapters 163 or 380, so you may need to do some wading to find what you are looking for.

I have written an overall summary review of some of the major changes to the growth management laws and individual reviews of the sections of Part II of chapter 163 with major changes. Click the links below for the review articles:

This is a list of the sections of Part II of chapter 163, F.S., with the status of the sections under the legislative changes and related review articles available.

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