Key to Symbols/Terms

You may not be familiar with all the symbols or terms used on this website. The following is an explanation of the most commonly used:

  • § means section of a statute or rule.
  • ___ So. 2d ___ is a Florida case-law citation, with the first blank being the book number and the second being the first page number. If there is a comma and another number, that is the specific page (in the officially reported case) where the topic cited was discussed.  Where the case is available on a publicly available website, a link is usually provided.
  • DCA, as in 2d DCA in a case citation, means the Florida District Court of Appeals, with the number in front indicating which District Court.
  • F.A.C. means Florida Administrative Code
  • F.S. means Florida Statutes
  • LDRs means Land Development Regulations

One response to “Key to Symbols/Terms

  1. I am involved in a battle royale on Miami Beach. I have a historic apartment building that I have owned for about 24 years. It has never been closed due to any type of renovation, remodeling, etc… It is located in a high density RM-2 dsitrict, where apartments are allowed to collect resort taxes as per CMB Code Sec. 102-306 and 307. About 3 weeks ago the fire marshal cited Fl. Fire Prevention Code, FS 633.161(2)(a), and said a serious and immediate danger existed because I was selling short term rentals. She evicted everyone in my hotel with one hour notice! Isn’t this a “land use or zoning requirement” where Fl. Fire Prevention Code does not apply?

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