Table of Contents

Titles in bold are categories. Titles in italics are existing articles or pages. Titles in regular type are headings or the subject of a future article.

  1. Introduction
    1. Home Page
    2. What are Florida Land Development Regulations?
    3. Make Them the Star – why land development regulations are (the most) important
  2. Legal Authority to Regulate
      1. Overall summary of some of the major changes to Florida’s growth management statutes
      2. Requirements for Florida comprehensive plans
      3. Concurrency (§§163.3180 and 163.3182, F.S.)
      4. Process for review and adoption of plan amendments (§§163.3184 and 163.3187, F.S.)
      5. Evaluation and appraisal review (§163.3191, F.S.)
      6. Planning innovation (§163.3168, F.S.)
      7. Sector Plans (§163.3245, F.S.)
      8. Rural Land Stewardship Areas (§163.3248, F.S.)
      9. Public school interlocal agreements (§163.31777, F.S.)
      10. Sections of Part II of Chapter 163 with minor changes
      11. Sections of Part II of Chapter 163 with no changes
      12. Deleted Growth Management Statutes Sections
      13. Other, non-statute, changes made by HB 7207
    1. State Police Powers
      1. Florida “Police Powers”
      2. Limitations on Florida Police Powers
    2. State Enabling Statues
      1. Authority to Regulate Land – Giving Power and Responsibility
      2. Powers of Local Governments to Regulate Land
      3. What is the “development” land development regulations can regulate?
  3. Purposes of Land Development Regulations
    1. History of Zoning
    2. Intent and Purposes According to State Statutes
      1. State Statutory Intents and Purposes of Comprehensive Planning and LDRs
    3. Implementing the Comprehensive Plan
      1. Implementing the Comprehensive Plan through LDRs
      2. Consistency with the Comprehensive Plan
      3. Role of LDRs in Determining Consistency of Development Orders With the Comprehensive Plan
    4. Purposeful Land Development Regulations
    5. Causes of Various Issues
  4. Creating LDRs
    1. Relationship with Other Codes
    2. Selecting an Approach
    3. Sources for Regulations’ Language
    4. Regulating Consistently
      1. We Could Play This Game Much Better If We Knew The Rules – One Reason Why Land Use Quasi-judicial Hearings Do Not Currently Work
      2. Governmental Exemption From Florida Land Development Regulations
    5. Integrating Area and Sector Plans Regulations
    6. General Provisions of LDRs
      1. What must be addressed in land development regulations, per the Florida Statutes
      2. Defining the Rules – Analyzing Development Standards
        1. Definitions from the Florida Statutes Relevant to LDRs
        2. What is compatibility
      3. Subdivision and Platting Regulations
        1. What is the “Subdivision of Land” Regulated by LDRs?
      4. Concurrency
      5. Wellfield Protection
      6. Flooding and Stormwater Management
      7. Protection of Environmentally Sensitive Lands
      8. Parking
      9. Signs
  5. Adoption of LDRs
    1. Timing After Adoption of Comprehensive Plan
      1. Timing of Adoption of Land Development Regulations
    2. Adoption Procedures
  6. LDR Administration
    1. Local Planning Agency
    2. Planning or Zoning Board
    3. Hearing Officers/Magistrates
    4. Review Processes
      1. Quasi-judicial Hearings
        1. We Could Play This Game Much Better If We Knew The Rules – One Reason Why Land Use Quasi-judicial Hearings Do Not Currently Work
        2. Purpose of a Florida Quasi-judicial Land Use Hearing
        3. What is Competent Substantial Evidence in Florida Land Use Hearings?
        4. Limited or “anything goes?” – Testimony evidence in a Florida quasi-judicial land use hearing
        5. Conducting Florida Quasi-Judicial Land Use Hearings That Work 
    5. Permitting
    6. Code Enforcement
  7. Review of Decisions
    1. Judicial Review of Quasi-Judicial Decisions
  8. Special or Specific Uses/Issues
    1. Affordable Housing
    2. Agricultural Issues
    3. Airports
    4. Alcoholic Beverage Sales
    5. Child Care and Adult Care Facilities
    6. Coastal and Waterfront Areas
    7. Electrical Facilities
    8. Floating Structures
    9. Manufactured/Mobile Homes
    10. Military Installations
    11. Mining
    12. Residential Facilities
    13. Schools
    14. Transportation Corridors/Facilities
    15. Urban Development
    16. Waste Facilities
    17. Wireless Facilities (Cell Towers, Antennas, etc.)
      1. Florida Statutes Addressing Wireless Facilities

3 responses to “Table of Contents

  1. Florida land lock regulations – apx 200 Acres have been land locked by Oakleaf Investors. Whom do we contact if a Jacksonville Florida City public right of Way road ( Brandon Field road) Has been escalated and constructed before Permit approval?
    Can we reconstruct the easement just East of Oakleaf Investors American Hones to gain back our access? Please advise
    Thank you

  2. Hi I saw a property for sale and it’s zoning is A what does it means.?

  3. I saw a land for sale sign with the designation “OPI” what does that mean.

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