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Planning Innovations (§163.3168, F.S.)

This is a summary review of §163.3168, created by Section 8 of Florida 2011 HB 7207. The review addresses the concept of innovative planning. 

In this review, the language of the statute may be summarized, paraphrased, re-ordered, and/or reformatted, so refer to the full language of the bill or the official Florida Statutes for the actual statutory provisions. See here, Planning Innovations, for an unofficial version of the language from the bill.

  1. Local governments are encouraged to apply innovative planning tools. (§163.3168(2), F.S.)
  2. Innovative planning tools include:
    1. To address future new development areas (§163.3168(2), F.S.)
      1. visioning,
      2. sector planning, and
      3. rural land stewardship area designations;
    2. In urban areas (§163.3168(2), F.S.)
      1. urban service area designations,
      2. urban growth boundaries, and
      3. mixed-use, high- density development.
  3. The state land planning agency is tasked with helping communities find creative solutions to fostering vibrant, healthy communities, while protecting the functions of important state resources and facilities. (§163.3168(3), F.S.)
    1. The state land planning agency and all other appropriate state and regional agencies may use various means to provide direct and indirect technical assistance within available resources. (§163.3168(3), F.S.)
    2. If plan amendments may adversely impact important state resources or facilities, upon request by the local government, the state land planning agency shall coordinate multi-agency assistance, if needed, in developing an amendment to minimize impacts on such resources or facilities. (§163.3168(3), F.S.)
    3. The state land planning agency will provide on its website guidance on the submittal and adoption of comprehensive plans, plan amendments, and land development regulations. The “guidance” may not be adopted as a rule and, accordingly, is exempt from §120.54(1)(a). (§163.3168(4), F.S.)