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This is a summary review of §§163.3180 and 163.3182, as amended in 2011 (by Section 15 and 16 of Florida HB 7207). The review addresses the requirements for the concurrency of public facilities.

In this review, the language of the statute may be summarized, paraphrased, re-ordered, and/or reformatted, so refer to the full language of the bills or the official Florida Statutes for the actual statutory provisions. See here, Concurrency provisions, for an unofficial version of the language from the bills integrated into the previous statute provisions.

Section 163.3180, F.S.

  1. The premise of concurrency is shifted away from an emphasis on public facilities being available concurrent with development to their being provided so as to achieve and maintain the adopted level of service standards.
  2. Parks and recreation, schools, and transportation facilities are no longer required to meet concurrency requirements by the State statutes; they are removed as public facilities and services subject to the statutory concurrency requirements on a statewide basis. (§163.3180(1), F.S.)
    1. The parks and recreation facilities standards of previous §163.3180(2)(b) on the timing of the facilities or contributions are deleted.
  3. Parks and recreation, schools, and transportation facilities, and other non-mandatory public facilities, may, however, be included in a local government’s concurrency requirements, by the local government’s actions. (§163.3180(1), F.S.) If the local governments apply concurrency to these other facilities and services, the amended statute provides requirements that must be met. Specifically:

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