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Other, non-statute, changes made by HB 7207

In addition to the many direct changes it makes to the Florida Statutes, HB 7207 makes several other significant changes. These changes include:

  • Repeal of rules 9J-5 and 9J-11.023, Florida Administrative Code
  • Permit extensions
  • Addressing pending administrative or judicial proceedings under statute changes
  • Existing voter referendum comprehensive plan amendments
  • DoT report on calculation of proportionate share contribution
  • House bill 7207 effective date
  1. Rules 9J-5 and 9J-11.023, Florida Administrative Code, are repealed and are to be removed from the Florida Administrative Code. (§ 72, HB 7207)
  2. Permit extensions. See here – Permit Extensions– for the bill language.
    1. Any permit or other authorization that was extended under section 14 of chapter 2009-96, Laws of Florida (as reauthorized by section 47 of chapter 2010-147, Laws of Florida) is extended and renewed for an additional period of 2 years after its previously scheduled expiration date. (§ 73(1), HB 7207)
      1. This extension is in addition to the 2-year permit extension provided under section 14 of chapter 2009-96, Laws of Florida. (§ 73(1), HB 7207)
      2. Permits that were extended by a total of 4 years pursuant to section 14 of chapter 2009-96, Laws of Florida and by section 46 of chapter 2010-147, Laws of Florida, cannot be further extended under this provision. (§ 73(1), HB 7207)
      3. The holder of a valid permit or other authorization that is eligible for the 2-year extension shall notify the authorizing agency in writing by December 31, 2011, identifying the specific authorization for which the holder intends to use the extension and the anticipated timeframe for acting on the authorization. (§ 73(3), HB 7207)

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