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Florida Land Development Regulations is an informational website, intended to offer information and resources on relevant laws, court cases, varied approaches, specific uses, and a variety of issues that Florida land development regulations (a.k.a. zoning codes or land development codes) must, should, or might address. The goal is to make relevant information easily accessible to those that write, administer, use, make decisions on, or challenge land development regulations in Florida.

See the article “Make Them the Star” (click on the underlined link) for thoughts on why land development regulations are important and what it is hoped this site will help to achieve.

HOW TO USE THIS SITE There are many ways to access the information on the site. Across the top are several helpful tabs.

  • This page is under the Home tab.
  • The next tab is the Table of Contents tab, which is just that – a table of all of the site’s articles – arranged by general topics and more specific subtopics. Just click on the article name (the ones in italics type) to go to the article. Or you can click on a topic or subtopic to see all articles in that topic or subtopic (they will be in order of the date of posting, most recent first, rather than in the table of contents order). All the topics may not be addressed at this time, but please check back often (or subscribe through the RSS feed or e-mail subscription) for new article postings.
  • The third tab, the Latest Articles tab, is a listing of the most recent articles, with the latest one first.
  • The fourth tab, the Index tab, is an index of all the tags (keywords) used in or related to the articles, arranged alphabetically. Just click on a tag to see all the articles that are associated with that tag (they will be in order of the date of posting, most recent first).
  • The fifth tab, Key to Symbols/Terms, is a short list of the meaning of symbols and terms used in the website that may be unfamiliar to you.
  • The sixth tab, the Information tab, has the all important and ever exciting site information disclaimer. It’s a must read. No, really; please read it.

Information can also be accessed from the menu to the left.

  • You can search the site by key words in the Search box.
  • You can use the Topics list, which shows the topics and subtopics that have articles in them, with the number of articles in each. Click one to see all the articles under that topic or subtopic (they will be in order of the date of posting, most recent first).
  • Below the Topics list is a list of the Top Articles and Pages, showing the most frequently viewed articles and pages. Click one to go to that article or page. 
  • Below that is a Tags Cloud, with the most often used keyword tags shown in larger type. Just click one to go to the related articles.
  • Below the Tags Cloud a list of Links to other websites that may be relevant to you in looking for information on Florida land development regulations. This also will be updated regularly.

Your comments on articles and suggestions for new topics or links are welcome. Feel free to comment in the Comment Box in each article.

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  1. Thanks for the information,

    Even author Daisy Linda Kone has come with new update on land development that covers financing,site selection analysis and it gives the complete picture related to land development related things

  2. I love looking through a post that can make people think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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